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Customer Comments

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"Your website is really professional. I will go in and order another sticker of the anthropomorph from (name withheld) Ranch. Hope the best for your business." Ed D. - Utah - 5/29/23 

“I bought your stickers at Valley of Fire State Park. They are the best. I really love what you guys are doing.” Scott S. - Nevada - 5/13/23

“Got the stickers. They are awesome. Love these stickers” Jim R. - Utah - 4/27/23

“Thanks again. I love your images. They help tremendously when I need to find my car in a parking lot!” May C. - Arizona - 4/17/23

“Thank you for the prompt mailing of your fabulous stickers! I absolutely adore them.” Katy M. - New Mexico - 4/12/23

“I knew these would be a big hit in our stores and they are! All of our stores are clamoring for more of them.” Tara Y. - Arizona 3/29/23

“Thanks for doing what you do so well! I put several proudly on my vehicles.” Richard C. - Utah - 3/17/23

“I love the stickers. Looks like you’re traveling all over looking at panels like we have. Love what you’re doing with these. Putting them on my truck camper and Jeep.” Lance K. - Colorado - 2/21/23

“Your stickers are wonderful!!! Thanks!!” Kathy B. - New Mexico - 2/10/23

“I just made another order of your wonderful stickers. Thanks for making them available!” Mayo B. - Colorado -1/21/23

“Your Rock Art Stickers are the best. Here’s (a photo of) the ones I bought in place on my truck. Not only authentic copies of the actual art, but great looking too!” Louis C. - Idaho - 1/18/23

"You have the very best Rock Art Stickers I've found in my search and I'm eager to put them on my vehicle. I'm in perfect agreement with your aim of preserving the rock art of the cultures that occupied the Colorado Plateau for centuries." Louis C. - Idaho - 1/13/23

"Stickers came in, and I'm really happy with them. Thanks again." Bryce D. - Utah - 12/26/22

“I just wanted to compliment your Rock Art Stickers - I’m a big fan! Bought a few today. And more importantly, thank you guys for not advertising the locations of sensitive rock art panels. I can see you love this landscape as I do and want our cultural resources protected.” Bryce D. - Utah - 12/7/22

“Your product is amazing. We’re honored to carry your stickers.” Nancy B. - Utah - 12/6/22

“Thanks for the stickers. These were the perfect thing to help us personalize our camper!” Barry R. - Colorado - 11/24/22

“We finally got the stickers up in the camper and it looks awesome!  So great. Thank you for your help. We love how they look.” Diane M. - Arizona - 7/29/22

"I've been looking for some rock art decals for my car for a long time, so thank you! Thanks for doing what you do. I love the quality of your designs, the peck-marks are so great!" Abbie M. - Utah - 5/23/22

"I think your stickers are awesome!" Mike T. - Utah - 5/17/22

"Your stickers are GREAT. And the info about each one has added to my list of ones I want to see for real!" Dianne M. - Arizona - 5/5/22

"Love your stickers." Jen T. - Colorado - 2/14/22

“Lovely stickers. The golden brown color is great.” Kay J. - Colorado - 9/16/21

“I purchased some of your stickers and I love them! Cool idea. Keep up the good work.” Flint M. - Arizona - 7/11/21

“The hardest part about placing an order is that they are all so wonderful and I have to choose which ones to order. Your product is great.” Jackie N. - Utah - 6/16/21

“You guys are doing a great job, hopefully lots of rock art lovers are aware of what you do and are purchasing. I just bought a new Jeep and the stickers I ordered look great on the outside. Unfortunately, you have more neat stickers then I have places to put them. Keep up the good work.” Walt S. - Colorado - 6/7/21

“We just ordered two spirals for our new car in AZ. Thanks for the reasonable shipping. Love what you do, keep it up.” George B. - Arizona - 6/7/21

"I love every one of the stickers. Your choices are excellent. Oscar O. came over to help me put them on, and it worked well. Thank you very much!" Gary B. - Utah - 6/1/21

“Thanks! Your pieces are stellar! The quality is excellent." Gail S. - Florida - 2/21/21

“New truck…, need new stickers!!! We have them on all 3 vehicles. Thanks!” Dianne M. - Colorado - 7/27/20

“The stickers are awesome; and I especially love that you added photos with each petroglyph/pictograph. You guys do a great job depicting the feel of each one. Thanks for not including too much detail, not giving away specific locations. I'm guessing you've visited all the art that you've made into stickers.” Lisa R. - Oregon - 7/1/20

“Many thanks and I'm loving filling up my car windows with these. They are so fun, educational and they make me happy.” Mary H. - Colorado - 6/30/20

“We bought your stickers at the (Anasazi State Park) Museum in Boulder, Utah. We love them” Jeanne C. - Colorado - 5/28/20

“I have about five of your stickers on my camping rig, and love them so much. I want more” Suzanne J. - Texas - 5/3/20

"Thank you for doing what you do and working to preserve the rich history and art of so many souls that lived long ago.” Jill I. - New Mexico - 3/11/20

“Great work!” Bob L. - Utah - 2/4/20

“I received my rock art stickers today and they look great!” Rob K. - Colorado - 7/29/19

“Love your stickers.” Adrienne O. - Arizona - 6/16/18

“These are great!  I came across your site when I was looking for a more authentic looking Kokopelli decal.  You're the only one I can find offering something like this.” Andy B. - Arizona - 5/7/18

“Thanks for doing this.” - Steven H. - Colorado - 9/8/17

“My friend ordered some stickers for me and I love them! I put them on my car. Thanks! Good luck with your new sticker business!” Dorothy G - Indiana - 8/3/17 

"Thanks for the Bear decal - it looks great! Stay cool!" Glenn S. - Colorado - 8/1/17





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