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About Us

Welcome to Rock Art Stickers. Thank you for visiting.

We design, create and sell the finest, most authentic Rock Art Stickers available.

Rock Art Stickers, LLC was founded in June of 2017. Our Rock Art Stickers are proudly Made in the USA in the small mountain town of Carbondale, Colorado.

Every Rock Art Sticker is individually die-cut, and hand-finished by our staff: two people (Randy and Greg) and one dog (Emmy). Emmy belongs to Greg's kids, but she really likes to hang out at the workshop.


The mission of Rock Art Stickers, LLC is to recreate original, prehistoric rock art images authentically and respectfully as very high-quality vinyl stickers. Each of our stickers is inspired by actual Colorado Plateau Rock Art Petroglyphs and Pictographs. Rock Art Stickers, LLC is dedicated to remaining faithful and respectful to the Rock Art images, the original artists, and their ancient Native American cultures.

Rock Art Stickers believes in demonstrating the amazing artistry, stunning beauty, and priceless value of Colorado Plateau Petroglyphs & Pictographs. We strive to bring this very significant part of our shared North American cultural heritage to the attention of an ever increasing audience, while attempting to promote public awareness, appreciation, respect, and preservation of all Rock Art.

Rock Art Stickers supports and is fully committed to the protection and preservation of all Rock Art sites. The actual locations of our Rock Art Sticker images cannot, and will not be disclosed. This is more than just our policy. We have signed confidentiality agreements in which we have pledged to not reveal Rock Art site locations. Please do not ask.

Any other questions or comments are most welcome: rockartstickers@gmail.com

Rock Art Stickers is proud to be a member of the Utah Rock Art Research Association (URARA).

Thank you for supporting products Made in the USA.

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