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Silverton Railroad

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The Silverton Railroad (SR) was created in 1888 to reach the extremely productive Red Mountain Pass Mining District - running north from Silverton to Ironton and Albany. It was the first of several Colorado high-mountain narrow gauge railroads to be founded by the legendary Otto Mears. Most of the 21.5 mile route the SR traveled is now Highway 550, and was notable for the many innovative solutions devised by the SR to overcome the problems presented by the rugged terrain. The snowfall amounts were so great that the SR was only able to operate from May to January. By 1898, the SR was struggling to survive through the closures of the mines. Dwindling mining revenues and the extreme difficulties of operating a railroad at an elevation over 11.000 feet forced the SR into foreclosure in 1904.

Our sticker was inspired by the hand-drawn lettering on the 1894 Silverton Railroad annual pass.

Made by hand in Colorado. Cut in outline with no border and no background. Made with weather-proof 3M vinyl.



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