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Silverton Northern Railroad

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Colorado's Silverton Northern Railroad (SNR) was a narrow gauge line built to reach the many mines northeast of Silverton. The SNR was one of three railroads operating out of Silverton, and was the most successful - hauling silver and gold ore for 47 years. This was the third high-mountain railroad created by the legendary Otto Mears. In 1892 Mears built a 2.2 mile branch line of his Silverton Railroad (SR) to reach nearby mines. After the SNR was incorporated in 1895, the 2.2 mile line was purchased from the SR and extended to Eureka, then to Animas Forks. The SNR went out of business in 1942, mostly due to a downturn in metal prices and the increased use of trucks to ship ore.

Our sticker was inspired by the hand-drawn lettering on the 1900 Silverton Northern Railroad annual pass.

Made by hand in Colorado. Cut in outline with no border and no background. Made with weather-proof 3M vinyl.



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